Strip Strip Strip Strip Strip Strip Strip
Jedinica mere: kom
Fabrički broj: D22
Garancija meseci: 24
Stepen zaštite: IP40
Sijalica ukupno: 0
Snaga [W]: 0
Grupa proizvoda: Svetiljka 
Mesto primene: Unutrašnja ugradnja 
Boja: Bela  Hrom  Siva 
Vrsta izvora svetla: Fluo 
Napajanje: 220V 
Tip svetiljke: Zidna nadgradna  Plafonska nadgradna  Luster  Luster 
Tip grla: Broj sijalica: Pojedinačna snaga [W]:
G5  2  14 
G5  2  24 
G5  4  24 
G5  6  24 

Strip is a family of wall, ceiling and suspension lamps of very reduced thickness for linear fluorescent tubes, designed according to modularity standards allowing sequences and juxtapositionings according to geometries “in equilibrium”.

Its very few basic elements such as the diecast aluminium shoulders, the extruded aluminium distancer profiles, the electrical component housings and the opaline polycarbonate diffuser screens, allow modular lighting units of different dimensions and brightness to be created, whose common feature is their flat, low profile very close to the wall. This thickness reduced to the minimum makes Strip particularly suitable for places requiring unobtrusive lighting that adheres as closely as possible to ceilings and walls, for example in corridors and staircases.
D22/4 - D22/4 ELD22/3 - D22/3 ELD22/2 - D22/2 ELD22/1
D22/sLight bulb

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